Courtney Stodden Topless But Covered Bikini Candids In Ventura

Here is Courtney Stodden topless but covered while posing for some staged bikini candids in Ventura. This damn attention whore is staging bikini photos because she is desperate for fame at any cost. Courtney Stodden became famous three years ago for marrying a 51 year-old man when she was only 16 year-old. And for getting some outrageous breasts implants. Interestingly, natural boobs will float in water but fake boobs tend to sink like rocks. So, Courtney dare not go for a swim with her silicone stuffed chest while at the beach. Those fake tits would drag her to the bottom of the sea to where she belong.

Wiki Bio


Courtney Stodden (born on August 29, 1994 in Tacoma, Washington, United States)  is an American television personality. In 2011, 16-year-old Stodden received widespread criticism after marrying 51-year-old actor Doug Hutchison.


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